Adventure Parks

Commercial Operations

Aerial Adventure Parks are designed for commercial operations that seek high adventure combined with high client throughput.

Height and Difficulty

Multiple heights and difficulty levels are incorporated to make sure that every visitor from ages 5 and older has an exciting and fun filled adventure.

Adventure Park Design

Aerial Adventure Parks are usually designed in a linear pattern with a single entrance and a single exit.  This allows for a constant flow of course users moving in one direction.  Aerial adventure Parks can process large numbers of participants creating more of a theme-park type experience.


Ariel Adventure Parks are generally more staff intensive than a standard ropes courses, however the ability to service larger numbers of visitors per day usually offsets the staffing cost significantly.

Air adventure parks are becoming more and more popular for companies looking to add on to their theme parks, hotels, cruise ships, adventure parks, and more.  Air adventure parks are used to challenge and allow participants to have a fun time while conquering an obstacle course in the air.  They are designed to be more user friendly than ropes courses allowing participants to go from element to element safety but quicker than on a normal ropes course.  We can create a course with your clients’ needs in mind.  Whether you need a course built for young children, adults, or even a widely diverse population we will work with you to develop the perfect course for your organization.

Belay Systems

Two common belay system options for aerial adventure parks are Smart and safe belays and Continuous Belay Systems.  Click on either for more information.

More Questions

Please give Jenny a call at the office she’s more than happy to answer any questions you have.  You can contact her at 877.206.8967 or

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