Climbing Towers

Climbing Towers

Looking for your very own onsite outdoor climbing experience?  We at Experiential Systems have a solution for you.  With multiple designs that cater to different needs we can help you meet your programs goals.  The towers can be built to various heights, with just about any imaginable structure on them.  Overhangs, chimneys, mantels-slanted inward or outward are a few of these options.  All climbs are tailored to the needs of a variety of different climbers.  All structures are built with security systems to prevent unauthorized access while the tower is not in use.

  • Installed on utility poles, usually from three to four poles, with two to four climbing surfaces.  Each side can be built with a different system of climbing routes.
  • Towers can be anywhere from 25 to 50 feet tall.
  • Climbing surfaces are covered with artificial climbing holds
  • Multiple climbers can participate simultaneously.

We offer four main types of towers.

Singled Sided Tower

This single sided tower can accommodate up to 3 climbers at once.

Single Faced Climbing Tower

Double Sided Tower

This double sided tower can accommodate from three to six  climbers at once.

Double Sided Climbing Tower

Triangle Tower

The triangle Tower can accommodate form six to nine climbers at once.

Three Sided Climbing Tower

Quad Tower

This four sided tower can accommodate from eight to twelve climbers at one time.

Four Sided Climbing Tower

We also offer a wide range of other options than just normal climbing faces for our climbing towers.

Alternative Tower Access Options:



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