Low Initiatives Offered

Below is a list of a wide selection of our low elements that we at Experiential Systems offer.  Please contact us if there is anything not listed that you are looking for. (# 877-206-8967)

The Spiders Web:

The Web (or Spiders web) challenges participants to carefully move their team from one side of the giant web to the other side without touching the web itself. Consequences are applied when participants accidentally cross the line, or overstep their boundaries while trying to be successful.
Group Wall

This group event challenges participants to carefully move their team up and over to the other side of the vertical wall. Once a person has gone over the wall they are no longer able to help lift- thus leaving the last person to get up and over the wall with only the help of the last two people to make it to the platform.
Zig Zag Crossing

This group event challenges participants to carefully move their team across the open area using only each other, the five platforms and the three planks provided. Consequences are applied when participants or a plank accidentally touch the ground while trying to be successful.
The Nitro Crossing

During the Nitro Crossing event participants must pass over an imaginary canyon transporting everyone safely using only a swinging rope and each other. Variations on this activity provide several different scenarios and potential outcomes. Group members will have a blast solving this highly energizing problem together.
The Whale Watch

This Whale Watch event challenges participants to carefully maintain balance as their team shifts responsibilities (moves) from one side of the giant teeter totter to the other side. If either end of the platform touches the ground, the group must revisit the pan and try again. Multiple variations exist for this element, each providing a different set of problems, solutions and strategies for success.
The T.P. Shuffle

This T.P Shuffle event challenges participants to trade places on the pole (switch roles in the organizations) without losing their personal balance, another teammate’s balance or the balance of the whole organization. A variety of variations to this activity keep it lively and full of learning potential for all groups.
The Adventure Walk

The adventure walk is a series of events that are typically found on a high ropes course. During this event participants must get through a series of obstacles that increase with difficulty as the event progresses. Spotters are used to help keep each participant from stepping off the element and touching the ground.
The Squeeze Box

This squeeze box event challenges participants to work together cooperatively as they try fitting all members of the team into the Squeeze Box. This task is similar to the age old game of “how many people can you fit into a telephone booth”. This activity is great for breaking down issues of personal space.
The Island Crossing

The Island Crossing event challenges participants to mentally discover away to cross from one island to the other island without touching the ground in between. Given limited resources, participants must work toward their strengths to be successful.
The Port Hole

IN the Port Hole event participants must pass though the porthole on a sinking ship before the boat goes under. The large tire represents the porthole.
The Wild Woozy

The wild woozy (or trust walk) is a unique low rope activity that challenges participants to move along a set of diverging cable as far as they can, while maintaining contact with a partner. The rest of the group provides the all-important safety net, by spotting. The activity appears to be very physical, but a refined technique is more important than physical ability. Identifying and practicing this technique is more important than physical ability. Identifying and practicing this technique results in a massive improvement in overall team performance. (This initiative is also available as part of a high ropes course activity)
Trust Fall

The Trust Fall is a powerful event that elicits team support and trust. Participants must climb onto a platform three to four feet off the ground. After discussing a few key thoughts about the strengths and blind spots they as individual bring to the team and the support they need to be most effective they fall backwards into the arms of their teammates.
The Meuse Crossing

The group must move from one end of the Meuse to the other, using only the limited resources provided. Individuals and resources are not allowed to touch the ground within the Meuse.
The High Beam

This high beam event challenges participants to carefully move their team up and over the elevated beam. Once you have gone over to the other side that is the only place you can help from.

This unique three dimensional puzzle will keep even the best groups challenged as they try to “put the pieces together”. The activity comes complete with 14 high quality Baltic Birch wood planks, a cordura nylon carrying case and instructions for a variety of ways to facilitate and debrief the activity.
The Criss Cross

Participants traversing across different diverging cables must work together to pass each other without stepping off the cables. Other group members serve as spotter to keep the team moving on the element without touching the ground.
All On Top

The All On Top (or all aboard) event challenges teams to all get on the same page. A small platform is used to accomplish this seemingly impossible task of supporting every member of the team for a minimum of 15 seconds. Every participant’s feet must be off the ground and only the support of the platform and fellow group members may be used.
Swinging Beam

The Swinging Beam (or Bucking Log) event challenges participants to carefully step up and maintain balance while traversing on this swinging Beam. Variations on this activity make it a “must have” for any adventure program.
Horizontal Web

In one variation of this activity participants must travel from one side of the web to the other while staying connected. Connections cannot be broken while inside the web and the web it cannot be touched.
Rescue Scenario

In this mock rescue scenario participants work to rescue and carefully transport and individual across the varied terrain. Participants must work cooperatively to maintain balance and solve various problems along their journey.
The Cube

Your entire team must travel though the multidimensional cube. Each individual in your team must take a unique path though the cube from one side to the other. No two people may pass though the cube (in the cube and out of the cube) in an identical fashion.
The Spiders Cage

The team must work carefully to lift and pass each participant though the openings in order to escape the Spiders Cage without touching any of the webs and waking up the spider.
Traffic Jam Stumps

The team must strategically move to solve this human chess problem that has the left side switch places with the right side. Participants may only move one stump at a time, move into an empty space and only travel forward.

This high energy activity has team members working together using plastic channels to move a tiny ball from one location to another without dropping the ball. The ball can only roll forward and may never touch the ground.
Tennis Ball Transfer /strong>

Groups must lift a ball off the provided stands and carefully carry them a distance over to another stand and gently set it down without “dropping the ball”.
Giants Finger

Group must get tire off of the pole without touching the pole itself or with the tire.

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