Challenge Course Elements

Below is a list of elements we offer for our High/Low Ropes courses.  If you cant find what you are looking for don’t worry.  Give us a call and see if we can help.

 Balance Board

The Balance Board activity has one large fixed platform between the two poles. It is affixed with a foot cable that runs through the bottom of the board and four ropes that are attached to the board and the pole.
 Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge includes a foot cable and two element cables. Ropes go from the top of one element cable down to the foot cable and back up to the other element cable.
 Cargo Net

Cargo net activity is draped from a top element cable. Participants are to climb the net to cross from one side to the other.
 Bottomless Burma

Bottomless Burma is the same concept as the Burma Bridge. It does not use a foot cable to help support the user. This element is a more challenging version of the Burma Bridge.
 Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin uses two foot cables for the participant to cross on.
 Cargo Tube

A Cargo Tube is designed for the user to crawl though like a tunnel. The belay cable goes on inside of net with participant.
 Criss Cross

Criss Cross activity creates an X shape with the foot cables for the participants to cross.
 Deep Buckets

Ropes are draped high from activity cables. Participant has to cross using only the ropes.
 Double Beam Walk

Double beam walk has two beams next to each other for user to cross on.

The Earthquake activity uses ropes draped from the activity cables on each side that are affixed to a wood plank on the bottom. The user is to cross using the ropes as hand lines and the boards for steps. This activity is slightly easier version of the deep buckets.
 Heebie Reach

The Heebie Reach has one hand line rope attached to the foot cable about midway through. On the other end is a rope attached to the element cable. Goal is to start out on either end and transfer to the other hand line to complete the activity.
 Hour Glass

Hour Glass activity has two hand lines going in one direction and one hand line going in the opposite way. Goal is to use the hand lines to get to middle and transfer over the middle section to get to other side. A challenging activity.
 Island Hops

Island Hops activity has platforms affixed to foot cables. User walks or hops between them to get to other side.
 Leaning Traverse

There is a foot cable to walk on and a hand line that gets farther and farther away from the foot line and then back. Participants walk on the foot line and lean on the hand line to traverse the element.
 Swinging Logs

Logs attached to two hanging ropes on each side. Similar to Earthquake activity but uses round logs instead of flat planks.
 Swaying Logs

Swaying Logs has two logs attached from multiple ropes on each side. Participant has to get on and make way across.
 Swaying Plank Bridge

Swaying Plank Bridge has one large plank on the bottom affixed like the swaying logs activity. It is one large plank between the two platforms.
 Deep Burma Bridge

Deep Burma Bridge has ropes affixed the same as the Burma Bridge. It has a foot cable added for a slightly easier crossing.
 Alternating Deep Burma Bridge

Alt Deep Burma Bridge shares same concept as the regular version. The ropes are just staggered for a slightly different challenge.
 Swaying Beam With Hand Line

Same as the original Swaying Beam just with the addition of a hand line to make for an easier activity.
 Alternating Burma Pipes

Similar to Deep Burma Bridge accept that there is PVE pipe as something for hands to hold on to as the participant traverses the element. Angled Trestle bridge has planks anchored at different angles to walk upon to traverse the element.
 Angled Trestle Bridge

Similar to Angled Trestle Bridge accept that the Zig Zag Bridge has the planks anchored in a zig zag pattern to walk upon in order for participants to traverse the element.
 Rope Step Bridge

Rope Step Bridge is a bridge made out of rope for the participant to cross. It is used for the participant to step over to make it to other side.
 Rope Step Bridge With Vines

Same as Rope Step Bridge however this one includes vines (draping ropes from the element cable.) They are used to give participants something to grab on to assisting activity completion.
 Rope Step With Hand Line

Same as Rope Step Bridge with the addition of a hand line going all the way across.
 Horizontal Ladder

Horizontal Ladder has a stationary ladder between the two poles that can be used as steps to cross the activity.
 Ships Crossing

The Ships Crossing is a great activity for two. One rope is attached to each pole. Particpants start on opposite ends and hold on to rope till they get to middle then switch ropes and continue on to opposite side they started.
 The Spaghetti Walk

The Spaghetti Walk has a foot cable for participants to walk on and ropes hanging down to be used for hands to cross the activity.
 Swinging Beam

Swinging Beam activity has a beam attached between the two poles. It moves and wobbles as participants try to cross to the other side.
 Swinging Disks

Swinging Disks activity has ropes coming down from the element cable and go through the middle of a circular disk. Participants have to cross using the disks for foot placement and the ropes for hands.
 Tension Traverse

Tension Traverse has two ropes that go across from pole to pole at an angle. They meet in the middle to form an X. The bottom portion of the rope is affixed to a foot cable.
 Tire Swings

Tire Swings have rope coming down from the element cable and attached to the top of a tire. Users have to get across using the tires and ropes.
 Track Walk

Track Walk has multiple beams strung from ropes attached to element cables. User has to walk from beam to beam to cross activity.
 Tresstle Walk

Tresstle Walk has planks attached to foot cables. Participant crosses by stepping on planks to complete activity.
 Flea Jump

Flea Jump is a platform to platform leap to cross to other side.
 Wild Woozy

Wild Woozy is a team activity with two foot cables starting at same pole that go outward and away from each other to two separate poles. Two people start from same pole/platform with feet on foot cable and hands outreached holding on to other person. Uses the other person as support to try and cross to other side.

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