Indoor Ropes Courses



Indoor Courses

Indoor ropes courses offer all the same challenges of their outdoor counterparts with the added benefit of being able to be used year round regardless of weather. Great for schools, universities, field houses, park districts, resorts, cruise ships, and more. ESI can design an indoor solution perfect for your facility. We offer a variety of elements with varying difficulties to meet your organizations goals and needs.   We also offer to guide you through each step to help you make the best choices for your program’s needs.

When groups or individuals go up on a ropes course there is a great opportunity for them to learn about risk taking, their own perceived limits, how they perform under pressure, how they give and receive support from other people, and how working with others collaboratively can help an individual achieve more than they thought they could accomplish.

There are a variety of belay systems.

View our Elements page to see our offerings.



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