Static Belay Courses

 Static Belay System

The Traditional Static Belay System (Maze Course) uses a set of “Y tails” or lanyards with two legs.  Attached at the waist to the center of the lanyard, the participant manually opens and closes a connector on the end of each leg of the lanyard.  These clips open with the push of two buttons simultaneously.  The participant is responsible to ensure that they are always attached to at least one belay cable )or approved and rated clip-in point)  The potential for a “total unclip” exists with this system and requires a higher staff to participant ratio to ensure participant safety,  but this is a less expensive belay system at the time of initial installation.  IN the long term, the increased staffing costs make this a more expensive option.  Staff observes ever transfer of the participants.  They can only view one transfer at a time.

View the slide show below for examples of different static courses.  For even more examples be sure to check out our Ropes Course Gallery.




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