Zip Lines

 Zip Lines and Canopy Tours

At ESI we have over 30 years’ of experience in the design and installation of zip lines and aerial adventure parks.  Whether your needs are for a single line zip line, short or long, steep ride or gentle glide.  Our sales and design team can provide a zip line design that meets your operational, geographical and budgetary needs.  Our experience navigating the permitting process and presence of a NAARSO Certified Inspectors allow us to work collaboratively with clients and states to ensure their installation meets and/or exceeds all current industry standards (ACCT and ASTM) as well as current state regulations of zip lines.

Our Zip lines are a great activity on their own or as additions to some of our other structures.  They can be added to climbing towers or ropes courses as a starting point and are a great way for participants to finish their high adventure activities.

Zip Lines are a great attraction for fun and can also be used for educational purposes as well.  No matter what you are looking to do with your new Zip Line ESI can help create the perfect set up for your organization’s needs.

Zip Line Breaking Systems

There are multiple braking systems used on zip lines and canopy tours.  The two most common that ESI builds for courses are gravity and Zip Stop break systems.  Below is an informational video on the Zip Stop.


For more information on the Zip Stop braking system give us a call at 877.206.8967 or click below to order a Zip Stop now.


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