Additional Services

In addition to design, build, inspection, and training services, Experiential Systems offers a variety of other services to complement the challenge course industry.

Challenge Course and Climbing Gear

Photo displays the variety of products ESI sells

Any equipment or hardware you need to build, repair, or run your high ropes, low ropes, or other type of climbing program can be found at our affiliate sites    Make sure to call Tim at the office if you are looking for a bulk discount, at (877) 206-8967

Custom Cargo Nets

Photo of a bridge cargo net

Many custom designed courses have cargo nets as an element or an entry point.  These nets can be added to an existing course or used in other courses such as popular mud races.  Click on the picture below to be taken to our cargo net site,

 Jump Harness Systems

Example of a jump harness. One part of a jump harness system. ESI offers inspection, installation, repair, and training on jump harness systems.

Jump Harnesses by ESI

Starting in 1995 we started partnering with skating rinks to help inspect and install jump harness systems.  We now offer Dual Rotational Jump Harness Training System along with continued inspection of your system.  Click on the picture below to be taken to our jump harness systems site,


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