Design Services

Course Design Team

The Experiential Systems design team has over 300 combined years of experience designing adventure courses.  From concept to installation our team considers risk management, environmental factors, and program flow with each course element or structure we install.

A project manager will sit down with you and discuss everything needed to design or customize a ropes course for your organization’s needs.  We start with determining the type of service you will be offering: recreational opportunities, amusement based experiences, educational programming, or therapeutic services?  These questions then can lead to a better idea of the type of course or structure and belay system best suited for your operational goals.  From there we look at the physical site and the space available for installation and operation.  Finally your budget and staff capacity to operate is considered. Once all these details are determined, we then submit a proposal for your review. Make sure to take a look at the product line gallery for inspiration and ideas for what you would like to have installed.

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