Inspection Services

Annual Challenge Course/Ropes Course Inspections

Experiential Systems provides Annual Challenge Course Inspection Services for indoor and outdoor ropes courses, zip lines, adventure parks, and climbing structures.  The annual inspection entails a complete hands-on inspection of all low and high challenge course elements/components installed. This includes but is not limited to an inspection of the following:

  • Trees – If trees are used in the construction of your course ESI will note tree size and species, look for damage caused by insects and weather and check for dead fall, and work with certified arborists.
  • Utility Poles– If utility poles are used in the construction of the course, they will be inspected for appropriate classification, size, age and damage caused by animals and/or weather.
  • Structures – If building or structures are used in the design of your course, ESI will inspect the connections to the structure, monitor for metal fatigue, inspect for broken or cracked welds, etc.
  • Wire Rope – All wire rope used for belay lines, zip lines, guy lines and foot lines will be inspected for appropriate terminations, proper drape, tension, defects and rusting.
  • Ropes – All ropes will be inspected for appropriate use, storage and record keeping.
  • Bolts – If through bolts are used in the design of your course, all bolts will be inspected for wear, rusting and growth into trees.
  • Lumber – All lumber will be inspected for aging and protruding nails or screws. Additionally all lumber used for structural elements like a platform will be inspected for proper attachment technique.
  • Programming Equipment – All programming equipment will be inspected for age, wear, and storage and to ensure that proper retirement schedules are kept.
  • Training Manuals and Policies – ESI will inspect all training and policy manuals as they relate to the maintenance, use, facilitation, training and record keeping of the high and low ropes course.

Upon Completion of the inspection a verbal report will be provided before leaving the site and a written report will be mailed within 10 days of the inspection. Both the verbal and written report will use one of three findings to respond to each element of your challenge course.

Possible inspection findings for your course.

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