Repair Services

Most courses are built in the outdoors exposed to the elements.  Storms, UV exposure, and vandalism can all lead to the need for repairs.  Experiential Systems can do minor repairs such as hardware and equipment replacement, cable tightening, or element modifications ESI can also do major repairs such as replacing belay cables, poles, or repairing climbing wall faces.

Did you know most repairs on a ropes course can be prevented?  We can also work with your staff to develop a quarterly or monthly maintenance plan to prevent future major repairs.

Many times repairs become evident during your annual inspection.  If this is the case speak with your inspector as to the extent of the work needed and potential scheduling options for the repairs.  If the damage happens outside of your inspection time contact our office set up a repair date.  Make sure to take pictures of the elements that need to be repaired.  This can help us to be better prepared with a quote and estimate of time needed for the repair.

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