Staff Training and Practitioner Certification

No matter what product or element ESI installs at your facility the goal of the Experiential Systems, Inc. training course is to educate facilitators in the skills and procedures to ensure a supportive experiential learning environment. This will be accomplished by a comprehensive program that includes technically sound operational procedures and group processing guidelines.

Facilitators will be trained to:

  • Implement and adhere to all procedures.
  • Inspect all equipment and hardware at regular intervals as well as before every use.
  • Oversee clear and concise technical procedures are utilized at all times during program operation.
  • Utilize proven practices and procedures, facilitators will provide the participant with a supportive place to try beyond his/her preconceived limitations.
  • Learn the importance of defining goals and expectations before an activity period begins.
  • Initiate a discussion or debriefing session following each activity period. These discussions are essential for helping participants to understand how they can take the lessons just learned and incorporate those lessons into their everyday life.

New facilitators need as much information as possible before they head to the woods with their first groups. Having worked with thousands of participants on adventure activities we can fill that gap. Rarely will you find a company with such an extensive background that can offer innovative design, construction and training components all together.

Training courses are also offered for elements and facilities built by vendors other than ESI. Call one of our offices to discuss the elements you have installed at your site and receive a very competitive price quote on training.

Training needs are assessed by considering trainee previous experience, site specific needs, type of course and programming goals of the organization. To request training for 2017, fill out the training request form. You will be emailed regarding availability of the date(s) requested. Click here to complete the training request form.

ACCT Certification Training and Testing

As an Accredited Vendor Member of ACCT, ESI offers a series of Trainings and Testing options for those professionals seeking their Level I, II, or CCM certifications. This can lead to a high return on investments as a Level II or CCM lasts for multiple years. These trainings follow the guidelines set forth in the ACCT 8th Edition.  Contact ESI for an upcoming Certification trainings and testing locations scheduled for this year.

For more information on the certification processes visit our Certification Page.

Continuing Training and Specialized Trainings

ACCT states that in order to move on to the next level of certification, further training must be documented. ESI provides multiple options for this. All trainings are done through experiential learning to model the skills and philosophies your staff will need to run your programs.

Topics Include:

  • Co-operative Games
  • Portable Initiatives
  • Activity Selection
  • Activity Modification
  • Processing
  • Group Dynamics
  • Custom Trainings for Recreational, Educational, and Therapeutic Programs
  • Risk Management
  • In House Inspection
  • Maintenance Services

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