2015 ACCT Critical Link Award

The ACCT Critical Link Award is given, “to a member of ACCT whose contributions over the years have been seen as significant in the development, maintenance and growth of the organization. The original intent of the award was to honor an individual who has served the organization by creating and maintaining critical links to activities within ACCT and external to ACCT in promoting the mission and evolution of ACCT.” In addition, “… the award is a thoughtful and sincere thank you to a member who has gone beyond the participation we expect…” – ACCT
Each year the decision is made via nominations by ACCT PVMs, forwarded on to the Critical Link Award Selection Committee, and then voted upon by secret ballet. The ballots are then forwarded onto the ACCT Executive Director and held in confidence until the presentation of the award at the upcoming conference.
This year’s 2015 recipient is Keith Jacobs.
The presentation was made at the 2015 ACCT International Conference in Palm Springs, Ca. Upon hearing his name Jacobs made his way up to the front of the room surrounded by a thunderous standing ovation. After being congratulated by the previous years’ alum he was then congratulated by his wife, Carolyn Jacobs, who had been flown into the event.

Kith Jacobs with wife Carolyn moments after recieving the ACCT Critical Link Award.

Keith and Carolyn Jacobs celebrate after Keith receives the ACCT Critical Link Award.

“If this was a room of 25 people I could say more,” Keith started as he addressed the crowd. It became obvious that he was overcome by the show of support by the audience. Looking to the crowd he said, “This is my passion,” and then looking to his wife he said, “This is my love!” After a few more choked up “Thank Yous” Keith was again greeted by another ovation by the room of innovators and leaders in the field.
“He was speechless,” remarked Kurt Horcher, longtime Experiential Systems colleague of Jacobs, “and that’s saying a lot for Keith.”

Keith spent the rest of the evening with Carolyn greeting an onslaught of well-deserved congratulations. As the night wore on he continued to celebrate with a smile that could not be wiped off of his face.

Congratulations Keith, from the entire staff at ESI!

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